A full-scale Employee Experience approach

for organizations with a winner's mentality, taking full responsibility for their people

EX Vision & EX Strategy

Win the race for the best Employee Experience by creating an inspiring Employee Experience vision, setting Employee Experience goals and embedding Employee Experience in your company's strategy.

EX Commitment & EX Leadership

Empower management at all levels with a clear understanding of Employee Experience, a leadership style to drive the Experience of their Employees, and a belief that investing in Employee Experience is motivating and beneficial.

EX Modelling & EX Concretization

Provide a good understanding of Employee Experience that fits your organization. Create your own exclusive Employee Experience model. Describe each Employee Experience topic in the model for clarification and direction.

EX Measurement & EX Data

Get the best insights in your company's Employee Experience by day-to-day, tactical and strategic measurements. Collect and use data in a smart way, empowered by AI for predictive insights.

EX Organization & EX Governance

A streamlined organization & governance structure and clear processes, fitting your company's ambition towards Employee Experience, is of great support in being successful.

EX Solutions & EX Activities

Give your employees the best Employee Experience solutions, and organize Employee Experience activities fitting your company's Employee Experience strategy.

Employee Journeys

Organize workshops with your employees, to map their work processes, and let them give valuable, personal input and share ideas for improvement within the full scope of Employee Experience.

Employee Involvement

Make employee involvement a high priority. Let your people think about Employee Experience challenges, motivate them to self-initiatives and let them participate in the delivery of Employee Experience solutions.

Employee Responsibility

Encourage and facilitate your employees to take full responsibility in behavior, actions, observation and perception of their own Employee Experience.

Employee Experience Communication

Multiply positive energy by sharing Employee Experience success stories, inspiring photos and feelings of happiness.

Employee Experience Change Management

Help management and employees to understand, commit to, accept and embrace the company's Employee Experience approach.

Employee Experience Culture

Create a working environment with shared values where employees benefit from positive energy and a great Employee Experience.

Employee Experience Implementation

for every organization there is an approach that improves their Employee Experience


Start big from the top

Transforming your organization to make Employee Experience tangible and measurable, by means of the proven, step-by-step top-EX implementation approach

Start small with your employees

Mapping the experiences of the employees from the first impressions onwards, ensuring positive experiences in their workplace and beyond

Start with a smile

Positioning your employees in the lead, rethinking their own employee experience, and let them find ideas and solutions to implement by themselves
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